Saturday, March 01, 2008 Education Revolt in Watts

Please tell me that there isn't a situation like this in the CPS. Please tell me that an ambitious principal who comes up with a plan to turn around a struggling public school won't run into the problem of a stubborn teacher's union who just need an excuse to stifle a needed plan. I hope these things don't happen, but if they do public school are in worse shape than the proverbial issue of how to fund them. They need better things than more funding.

I may disagree with the charter school head Steve Baar on one thing, any school should have the right to rid themselves of trouble makers who come to school to create mischief. Those who insist we have to keep these kids in school especially with this idea that they're better off in school than in jail are fooling themselves. Of course Steve Baar's charter school, I hope, get those students who are serious about their studies and definitely not those who just want to act like their a bunch of animals. This is something that shouldn't be tolerated in a private or public school and both should take action to assure that. I think I need to subscribe to their feed and soon!

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