Sunday, March 02, 2008

New Latino Wave Helps Revitalize Detroit

I didn't get to this earlier but The State of had a post about Latinos revitalizing Detroit. As most of us know Detroit is a struggling city. Then it was stated at the end of the post...
TheStateOf . . . Detroit. Oh, I (J) can't wait to hear the hanky-head lazy negroes complain about how the "Mexicans are taking all the jobs" like brothas do out here in L.A. Latinos have taken over most of black Los Angeles because they open small businesses, which, in turn, establishes roots in the community. Drive around black L.A. and there is nothing but big corporate stores, franchises and liquor stores (owned by Koreans).
So do you think someone is going to complain instead of just doing their own startup? That's I how I took that quote. It almost reminds me about the story about food deserts in predominantly minority/poor areas of Chicago. Why complain or conduct studies find some capital and build a grocery store!

Obviously Detroit needs more than a grocery store amongst other things. I won't pretend I know what that is, but the main thing is to start finding ways of driving that economy. Make Detroit the vibrant city it once was.

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John Ruberry said...

With the latest downturn in the domestic auto industry, I fear Detroit has yet to hit bottom.

I visit the Free Press and Detroit News sites often. Car business stories are usually on the front page of each web site. Just like how the Wichita Eagle focuses on the aircraft industry.

Both seem like one industry towns.

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