Wednesday, January 09, 2008

In New Hampshire...

Another important presidential contest to determine who might win the nomination for President. Iowa was last week where Obama and Huckabee won for their respective parties. In New Hampshire it's Sen. Hillary Clinton and Sen. John McCain.

Please note that Iowa and New Hampshire are only the first two stops on the presidential campaign trail. After this is South Carolina and Nevada. I know that Iowa and New Hampshire are hyped to be very important especially since they are the first stops on the presidential primary elections. So I had no idea South Carolina is important and early.

Still the fun thing about this election is that right now there isn't a very obvious frontrunner. I don't see one among the Republicans but the Democrats seem easier. It might be Hillary or it could be Obama, I would consider them front runners and it certainly helps if we hear about them more than we would John Edwards or New Mexico Gov. Bill Richardson. So there's still time for everyone to slug it out.

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