Wednesday, December 12, 2007

My Day in the Loop

I decided to stroll downtown today and snap a few pictures.

I see that they have started to paint the iron work of the Loop L tracks.
This pic and the bottom pic are of a restaurant in the building for DePaul University. The restaurant however is gone and the space is currently empty. They must not have renewed their lease or something.

Jackson & State entrance to the Red Line ready for the holidays another shot of another entrance below.

This is the exit at Monroe & State on the Red Line. Loop Express it says.
This is at Madison and State.
Damned Macy's or I should say Marshall Field's. One day it will be again. Hopefully.
Daley Plaza's Christkidlmarket underneath the Picasso.
Daily Plaza Christmas tree.
Happy Hanukkah. Below a detail of the sign below the huge Menorah.

This looks quite yummy I must say!
The nativity scene. The birth of Jesus. Detail of the praying over Jesus below. If there's a minister in the house tell me I got that right, please!

The people responsible for the Nativity Scene in Daley Plaza
I was on the lower level of the Thompson Center, State of Illinois Building.
A nice Christmas Tree at the Thompson Center.
A place for information to help consumers not be victims of fraud.
And God bless America!!! Happy Holidays to all!!! And Festivus!

I might post more pics either here or at the Eye. This set isn't the only pics I took while I was downtown. Or better yet I think I'll upload these to Flickr as well.

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