Monday, December 03, 2007

'Failed' teen sues state

LOL!!! This story comes from Australia. I was hoping at first that this story was an American story I guess not. Perhaps this kid is either truly lazy or truly stupid, but suing the public school system? That’s a way to shake things up!

A TEENAGE student who can barely read or write is suing the Education Department for $300,000 for failing to teach him properly.

Beau Abela, 14, claims he won’t get an apprenticeship because he lacks basic life skills such as using a bus timetable, reading a menu or counting money.

The Diamond Creek student claims Panton Hill Primary School should not have allowed him to progress to secondary school.

Though Beau is enrolled in year 8 at Eltham High, experts have assessed his literacy and numeracy skills at five years behind his peers.He spells weekend ‘wekenb’, cannot tell the time and struggles to count beyond 10.

In a statement of claim lodged with the County Court, his father Peter Abela accuses Panton Hill Primary School of ignoring his son’s obvious learning difficulties.

“This was done by allowing Beau to pass the year even though the level he was at was not suitable to progress,” he alleges.

"Beau was not given the required level of attention for his special needs, which has failed him."

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