Friday, May 11, 2007

Rev. Al Sharpton and Bernard McGuirk...

They were on for the whole hour on FOX News Channel's Hannity & Colmes. Talking about a number of issues namely the Imus situation, Rev. Sharpton's remarks about Mormons, and even the Duke lacrosse team rape case. It was a pretty good debate and McGuirk has been mostly civil if not very combative. Sharpton attempts to dominate the discussion and is largely successful.

Well I can attribute that to the fact that he's a black minister. Black ministers don't mind talking. Still when McGuirk makes his point or Sean Hannity or even Alan Colmes attempt to chime in Rev. Sharpton starts talking either interrupting the other players on the set or just trying to keep going when everyone else wants to move on.

Oh yeah I should mention how McGuirk made note of Rev. Sharptons history of using racially charged language during his time in the public spotlight. It's a valid point and it's one reason why I'm not a supporter of his. I see Sharpton as a race baiter even if it could be said he was on the right side in this case.

BTW, McGuirk the producer for the Don Imus show.

It's something worth watching when you see the repeat tonight at 11:00 PM Chicago time.

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