Friday, April 13, 2007

Mom says teacher hit teen for dating white girl

This story caught my eye this morning and of all places this is from the city of Naperville and to be sure I didn't think it was a black woman who did the hitting but a white guy. Perhaps unusual for a white person (guy or gal), still it was my first reaction. Unfortuate incident though.

You know she should have left the kid alone. To be honest I hear that black women have a problem with black men dating white women. I don't mean to open a can of worms here, but it's out there. This is just one story among many that won't make the paper and no I'm not saying it's all about teachers slapping their students for dating a woman outside of their race.
The alleged incident has racial overtones. The 26-year-old business teacher, Akela Dillon, is black. So is the teen.

He was in the hallway between classes April 3 when, according to the student's mother, Dillon approached. The teacher then made derogatory remarks about him dating a white female and "smacked" him in the face, said the mother, Tiffany Stephens.

Stephens said she was called by the school and initially told her son was in trouble and had struck Dillon. But that version fell apart when a surveillance tape of the incident was viewed, Stephens said.

"I was upset at first the teacher said my son attacked her," Stephens said. "But then when I saw the videotape, it switched. There was no reason for her to do that to my son."

Naperville Police Lt. Dave Hoffman said his department is investigating a teacher allegedly striking a student. Battery charges are pending.

A statement from Indian Prairie School District 204 said Dillon is a first-year teacher who immediately was removed when the allegations came to light. "She is currently on paid administrative leave while the district works with the Naperville Police Department to investigate the incident," the statement said.

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