Saturday, April 14, 2007

Obama rally today!!!

My day for the most part started at about 7:30 when my alarm woke me up this morning. A friend of mine and myself planned going to an Obama rally this morning at Georgia Tech. I got ready brushed my teeth and found that I had some time to hop on my computer. I even filled out a form that was on my ticket with contact information.

I had gotten a ticket to attend this rally yesterday in class where a guy I know, who I believe was an Obama volunteer, handed out tickets to the class. My professor got gold VIP tickets. What us students got were blue tickets. Getting a gold ticket got you closer to the action, but a blue ticket pushes you further away from the action. Luckily for me, my friend had a pair of gold tickets to get me much closer to the action than I thought I had been able to.

We were there pretty early but so was everyone else. As it turns out everyone else had about the same idea. Though it was particularly crowded when we finally got there. It was probably close to about 9:30 when we made it to Georgia Tech. As the rally got closer to starting the crowd started to thicken until there wasn't much room to move.

BTW, Georgia Tech is a lovely campus. A far cry from Morehouse College the only difference is the physical plant but not the reputation. This campus almost reminds me someone of the University of Chicago in the architecture, perhaps not quite gothic but almost similar.

And at least I have some memorabilia from this event, an Obama poster and an American flag. I got pictures that I will post here today. As something of a teaser I even poster a picture of the rally over at The Eye, a mobile picture but an idea on what's to come.

Oh yeah near the end Sen. Obama became the fourth politican to have shaken my hand. Unlike the other three though I was amongst a much larger crowd than usual, but worth it. Especially if I was at a rally for a Presidential contender.

How was the speech you may ask?

Well it was what I'd expect. The feel good type stuff that I'm sure many Americans have come to know and expect from him. Hit on issues Americans care about, but not much on specifics on how to fix these problems. Some people at the rally would say Obama is a smart guy and why come on out and talk about your plans. He has to really prove himself in the future debates that he will have.

Basically he took digs at President Bush as to the constitution and the war in Iraq. He commented on the expansion of poverty in this country. He talked a little about his background perticularly coming to Chicago as a community organizer being paid on 12,000 with traveling expenses. In fact he talked about consulting with two higher powers before he ran for the Illinois State Senate, God and his wife.

Yeah this is something to remember for those of you wanting to go into politics in the future. Of all people who you might need to consult with running are the people closest to you. Especially your wife, she should be the biggest supporter you have. You have to consult with people to see if they're OK.

Being amongst an energized crowd was, well, energizing. I can't say I enjoyed being in the crowd but to see this was worth it. My first presidential campaign rally. It was a great one. Especially the Motown music and other more mainstream and contemporary songs as well as the Clark-Atlanta University Marching Band who was there for entertainment.

Finally, if you go back on this it can't be said that I'm a big fan of Obama. I'd like to think that I've come around somewhat. Obama may not have a lot in experience, but surely he has one thing going for him, a fresh face. I think I could honestly go for that.

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