Monday, March 19, 2007

Woah now

The Capitol Fax Blog in their morning shorts this morning linked to an article on where celebrities have donated money to specific candidates. This article was in the Sun-Times.

Let me preferace this by saying that in general Hollywood donates money to Democratic candidates. Think for a second here, you hear that Hollywood is considered liberal right? Well the money trail proves will prove it. It's just that I found some things that are interesting looking at this article.

I wonder what is the advantage of donating to your favored party or candidates but then donating to the other party or candidate you're not that likely to support. Is there some strategy or sucking up going on. Or are they just trying to side with the winner.

I was shocked to find that Jada Pinkett Smith (Will Smith's wife) and Berry Gordy (of Motown Records) have donated money to President Bush. Smith however has donated money to Barack Obama, while Berry Gordy (hmm I always thought it was Barry) has donated money to Bush's challenger Sen. John Kerry as well as Sen. Obama and Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton. Wow I wonder what's up with that.

I see that according to this article Prince back in 1990 donated money to a Republican candidate and I see that Spike Lee is donating money to Sen. Clinton. Well this will just cause me to ask questions about why the donate money the way they do. Perhaps a lot of us who aren't celebrites may ask questions about that of ourselves.

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