Monday, March 19, 2007

Morehouse College SGA campaign season has started

These scenes were posted outside of the Morehouse cafeteria today and the campaign for SGA President, Vice President, Treasurer, Recording Secretary and other offices have started. The new leaders of the student body are coming out to make their mark. Things are going to get interesting.

So what is this you see? Well apparently some SGA candidates have decided to form something of a ticket. Perhaps an alliance of sorts. They get together on a ticket known as Luminous.

Good move. If I had the interest in running for an SGA position this is exactly what I would have done. Indeed this has been done in real live politics for years, people coming together with common ideas or what ever is common to them. Either these guys got together before they made the decision to run for an SGA office or they reached out to each other and say let's get together and form a ticket

As to whether Luminous is successful is to be seen. To be sure though this is honestly the first time in my time at Morehouse College that I have actually seen this type of campaign.

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