Friday, March 16, 2007

I just like how...

Some MSM sources such as the Chicago Sun-Times, The Hill, The Washington Post, and other sources allow you to use such websites as, Digg, even Facebook to link to their articles. I really wish other MSM sites would do that. It would make my job and other interested inviduals' job easier to have something of a database to link and keep track of the news of the day. There are some sources I'd link to more if it was easier to link by the click of a button as opposed to have to go to the links site and then doing a copy and paste or even doing the typing.

Either way as far as local sources go the Chicago Sun-Times has got a leg up in my book. Just look for this bookmark button with the image of a plus sign in an orange block and they give you a choice as to where you want to link the article. They're getting with the times for sure. Hopefully others will follow suit.

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