Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Along the Calumet Expy.

These towers. I wish I could have gotten a much clearer picture. These are near a little known body of water called Lake Calumet.

You know I have never actually seen this lake. I wouldn't be surprised if it was heavily polluted because it is surrounded by nothing but industry. It's a port too, which is why this picture is here.

These are grain elevators. If you drive here along I-94 (it's real name is the Bishop Ford Expressway but it was originally called the Calumet,I just haven't changed the name in my head) you will see these grain elevators just before you cross 130th Street. The signs near the top of these grain elevators will indicate that it is a part of the Illinois International Port District and with them the prominent names of the Illinois Governor, Mayor of Chicago, and the actual executive director of this district. Listed on the website as an Anthony Ianello.

You know during the elections last year for Governor they made a big deal about how Gov. Blagojevich liked to put his name on signs everywhere in the state. Particularly the tollways. I suppose the only point to the complaints was to just prove how vain he was about getting his name out there.

I remember for years the only name for Governor on these elevators was Jim Edgar even during the years of George Ryan. The signs announcing this district was just dirty until our current governor was elected. Who knows this might have been the start.

Let me just say though I've never been anywhere near this area there are plans to build a park and I believe there actually was a golf course over there. This golf could count as its immediate neighbor a yard for garbage trucks, those grain elevators, and even further south on the Calumet a garbage dump. I should have gotten a picture of that too. The garbage dump doesn't actually look like a garbage dump it actually resembles hills. There's talk of turning that into a park too.

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