Friday, September 29, 2006

A year of firsts...

So some blacks are attempting to move up in the political world.

In addition to Rep. Harold Ford in Tennessee, Lt. Gov. Michael Steele in Maryland, Secretary of State Ken Blackwell in Ohio, and Lynn Swann in Pennsylvania, there are two other individuals seeking a governorship or a US Senate seat. I just found this out in this recent video that I got from Yahoo.

In Massachusettes a black man might be elected governor. His name is Deval Patrick. In Mississippi a black man ir running for the US Senate named Erik Fleming. The video mostly focuses on Mr. Patrick.

Here's what bothers me about this article though, this is only minor but I'll mention it anyway.

Access to an Ivy League education

I just have to ask why this is considered important. Wealth OK, clout OK, or broaden appeal OK. Let's just state that an Ivy League education shouldn't be the one thing that will make you more electable. And that's not to say that I don't like those individuals who go to an Ivy League whether undergrad or for a graduate degree. Indeed more power to them if they can actually get accepted to such an institution.

They even interviewed the first black elected governor, Douglas Wilder of Virginia who is today the Mayor of Richmond. He did say about being the only black governor...

It's a distinction I'd like to lose.
Well I hope he does. I hope in their quests that Patrick, Blackwell, and Swann are sucessful in their bids.


godstool said...

We should be voting for people based on the content of their character, not the color of their skin.

I've given up on Blackwell after his shenanigans in 2004, and I'm DEFINITELY NOT voting for taxin-Ted Strickland.

So I'm switching to third party this year and supporting the economist Bill Peirce in Ohio. The guy is smarter than any politician I've ever seen. Damn shame the media won't cover him because he doesn't have the R or D next to his name.

Cynthia said...

I’m happy for Deval Patrick, but these others are sell outs (Rep. Harold Ford in Tennessee, Lt. Gov. Michael Steele in Maryland, Secretary of State Ken Blackwell in Ohio, and Lynn Swann in Pennsylvania). Each one of them in their own rights has done things that prove they are anti-black. I don’t look at this as progress. It is having the opposite effect. You have these sell out Negroes who are willing to throw us back several hundred years so that they can please their master.

FYI – Anybody running in a State wide race in the racist South will lose simply because they are not White. And the fact that both of the Senate races (Ford & Fleming) were lost demonstrates the lack of our progress. It also shows that with the current laws, we can’t obtain parity because the White majority in this country will vote against our interests, look what happened in Detroit with the affirmative actions measure.

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