Sunday, September 24, 2006

Bill Clinton on FOX News Sunday...

I rarely even touch national events. I rarely even touch the Clinton Administration. But what I heard while listening to the Bears on WBBM and then looking at a transcript of his appearance on FNS as well as some video, got me to thinking.

What will the Clinton administration go down for? Bush's administration is very likely to go down thanks to Iraq. It will be a serious blemish upon President Bush. Whether we knew it or not back in January of 2001 Clinton was going down on terrorism as his blemish.

He can herald his achievements like for instance reducing the deficit, a balanced budget, a good economy, etc. Still despite all this there are historians and others who will still say that Clinton's accomplishments are relatively small and insignificant. I honestly don't know what determines that but one big issue that cropped up a lot during his administration, terrorism, seems to be the big blemish.

Because almost 9 months after he left office we had the terrorist attacks of 9/11. I won't try to blame him for that directly, but let's just say there were moments where some moments where some strong leadership and resolve could have helped to dampen the situation.

Still I think terrorism will be his policy failure. Iraq may prove to be Bush's. Indeed it might be more about why we went to Iraq that will prove to be a failure more than the results.

In any case Clinton's response to this question of what he could have done on the issue of terror proved itself to be a sore question for him. Unfortunately hindsight is only 20/20.

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