Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Pearl Harbor Day

This dated marked our entry into the Second World War. The Japanese attacked Pearl Harbor using their naval air force. This prompted a remarkable campaign in the pacific theater of the war. With ferocious naval battles fought not between two battleships but aircraft carriers. And aircraft doing most of the fighting. There was also island hopping, that is strategic landings on islands by US Marines.

Who can indeed forget Gen. Douglas MacArthur has he was engaged in the far eastern theatre of the war which included the Philipines. Legends and heros were made then. Of course how can I neglect the European and African theater of the war. The Tuskegee Airmen and the airbattles over Europe the air raids over Germany. General Patton, General Eisenhower, and then the individual soldier who once again were heroes.

The world was crazy back then. Homocidal dictators seeking to expand their control and influence and they seemed to be winning. Thankfully our forces beat them back although totalitarianism in its many forms are still with us today.

Today America still seeks to fight for freedom. We seem underappreciated for it though. I may not have agreed with going into Iraq, however, those people have something they haven't had in years. Freedom and it just seems unfortunate that there are those who don't recognize what we are attempting to build over there. They would just as soon let those people fend for themselves and fall into the same trap that they already had fallen into.

That being said this is another day to recognize not only those who had fallen at Pearl Harbor but all of our military people who have died in the many campaigns of the United States. Those who have served are truly the finest people we have to offer no matter why they joined the armed services.

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