Friday, December 09, 2005

Greetings from home...

I took one of the longest bus rides in my life and this was supposed to be a brief trip. It was raining along the way from between Atlanta and Nashville. Then in Nashville there was an announcement that there will be no service out of Louisville to Indianapolis and Chicago until further notice. I had just talked to my mother who mentioned that it was snowing in the Midwest but before this announcement I didn't really take it seriously.

Basically there are plenty of rumors around since Greyhound was shut down from Chicago to Louisville. One was that we wouldn't be moving until 12 noon. We got more information when we got to Louisville. There were some accidents along I65 North. Along this stretch as we inched toward Chicago I found out what they were talking about. A trailer was upside down in the median. Along side my bus was a wrecked truck being towed to the next point. I also found out from another stranded passengers that the Indianapolis terminal was shut down at 8:30 PM last night. Passengers were stretched out in the station all night.

Thankfully the 12 noon estimate had proven to be incorrect and Greyhound personnel said that service may resume at 7:30 AM. Sure enough it was and we were finally on our way. The roads didn't look too bad on our way up until we saw hints of skidding and wreckage. Also in situations like this is seems no one had their story straight until we got to whatever point we needed to get to.

We didn't know if the bus would make its scheduled stop beyond Indianapolis and before Chicago. Some passengers didn't know if they can change buses in Gary for places such as Elkhart. Thankfully everyone got to their destinations save for one who was lost anyway. He looked like he was messed up anyway or a little out of it. He proved to be a problem before we crossed the state line into Chicago. At two points he made his move to the door only to be blocked. Turns out he was on the wrong bus and the driver had enough and let him off on the Indiana Toll Road.

Anyway getting lost in Hammond, kicking a passenger off on the toll road, and a few more miles later I finally made it home for the holidays. I'm debating whether I should take Greyhound ever again. Should I just fly or take a train? Hopefully I'll find the right alternative soon.

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