Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Just a thought...

I was thinking about this Simpson's episode and I was able to find it yesterday. This episode was called Fraudcast News and had Lisa Simpson's newsletter as the only game in town after Mr. Burns buys up all the other media in Springfield. Thanks to rather hilarious circumstances (you know what they do on The Simpsons) Lisa closes up her little press, however we see the people of Springfield coming out with their own newsletter distrubuting them around town. That is in someways how I see the various blogs out their no matter if their medium is text, audio, or video.

So today I got to thinking about how the 60s would have turned out if there was these blogs, vlogs, or even podcasts out there. Would postcasting be anymore different than pirate radio? Are vlogs any more different than a form of cable access. Well pirate radio has been around a while. But everything else just imagine.

So basically I came up with this idea that perhaps at some point down the road someone may do this blog where they can evoke the 60s era. They can have on dishikis, sport an afro, and raise their fists declaring "BLACK POWER". And don't think this is a joke, the message I always had from the 1960s was something along the lines of "FIGHT THE POWER!!!" (Oh btw, I have this tune in my head and you will too if you watched Spike Lee's Do the Right Thing with Radio Raheem played by Morehouse alumni Bill Nunn who I met during last year's homecoming festivities)

In any case I've come to conclude that this is one of the functions of a blog. We can step back away from say the MSM and tell our own stories and give our own take on the issues of the day. And perhaps bring our passions and sense of justice and fairness out there.

I just know I've opined on this one too many times already. But imagine a time when I'm finally able to say that this is blog in text, pictures, audio, and video. All I can say is that I'm working on it. And yes someone may steal my idea of a rather 1960s style blog with rather Afrocentric and revolutionary overtones. I'd be royally amuzed and I'll do this my way.

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