Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Evan Coyne Maloney has a post on vlogging...

He says he doesn't like the term vlogging. He may not have helped give birth to videoblogging but he got some attention back in 2003 for this video. His video was published onto the internet and he gained some attention mainly in right wing circles for his video.

In his post from December 19th, 2005, he discussed how finally the MSM has finally discovered videoblogging (or vlogging if you prefer). However, Mr. Maloney did have this to say about the term vlogging...
It's nice that the media dinosaurs are finally noticing, although it is regrettable that the label vlog is being used for video blog. The term blog is annoying enough, but vlog? Come on! It sounds like the noise someone makes when coughing up phlegm.
Honestly his work in producing short videos on the internet and attracting an audience as well as some attention is the primary reason why I'm considering going that route.

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