Tuesday, October 04, 2005

The race for governor and Illinois Politics

UPDATE: Here's a story from Channel 7's Andy Shaw on the the gubernatorial contenders for governor. From Sunday after Edgar announced that he would not run for governor. And check out the video if possible.

As of last Friday speculation of Jim Edgar, former governor of Illinois jumping into the race was squashed. He is not entering the race and he may not even re-enter politics. This may still prove to be an interesting campaign. Looking at all the comments on this story from Friday we see what the possibilities are. His dancing on this issue some say helped the contenders for the GOP nomination for governor. The possibility that he might enter the race may have stopped the candidated from acting like crabs in a bucket.

If you've been following Illinois politics. The IL GOP has been struggling. The stench of corruption from George Ryan has hurt the party. But one could point to the faction running the party. The IL GOP is not a very conservative party many could call them liberal or moderate. In fact in the past 30 years or so Republican governors have raised income taxes or made them permanent. This includes Jim Edgar. On top of that another Republican governor instituted a state income tax. George Ryan was responsible for an extensive infrastructure program known as Illinois first. It no doubt increase the tax heart ache for many Illinois residents although we may be better transportation infrastructure to name one benefit.

In Illinois you can not tell much difference between Republicans and Democrats. I would often state that Democrats and Republicans would stake their territory. Sounds like in many ways gerrymandering right. The winners usually do that and it may take a backroom deal. Columnists have talked about this bi-partisan combine which are in tandem with the corruption around the state. So some funny business is going on from both sides.

I also want to add that Governor Blagojevich is the first Democrat elected governor since Dan Walker. He was in the Sun-Times on Sunday talking about George Ryan's trial. Blagojevich may face the exact same situation as Walker, which may Blagojevich (or Blago if you prefer) may wind up becoming a one-termer. For the record however, the odds was against Walker in the first place, he wasn't exatly the establishment choice (the establishment in the early 1970s being Mayor Richard J. Daley among others). Today Blago may very well benefit from some pols who seem to be begrudgingly behind him in his election campaign. Blago is definitely not the first choice of today's Democratic establishment.

Anyway, this will prove to be an interesting campaign. Edgar's out and there's a possibility that the other Republicans in the race can still beat Blagojevich. Hopefully they won't prove to be crabs pulling the front runner down. As long as there will be stories, I'll have more on the next Illinois elections.

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