Sunday, June 12, 2005

RJ Dale advertising

There is some controversy about this black owned and operated advertising business. There were handed a contract for general marketing in 2004 for the Illinois lottery. They already had a contract to handle marketing for black Americans. Unfortunatley they have to suffer for this decision. There are charges that the head of the lottery a black woman by the name of Carolyn Adams is incompetent.

Now the Illinois attorney general Lisa Madigan is looking into this contract. RJ Dale is already going through audits. In addition to that RJ Dale on TV this morning stated that there was no court order authorizing this. That is one needs a court order to perform an audit. These audits are coming out of the Illinois' Comptroller Dan Hynes. And the Sun-Times and Tribune have been going on the attack against him.Now some will make this issue a race thing. That RJ Dale has to know its place. Another angle is that their using RJ Dale as a tool against Blagojevich who is becoming increasingly unpopular.

Let me attack the race issue first. On TV this morning RJ Dale stated that usually a minority contractor gets the crubs or sub-contracts as apparently RJ Dale advertising has had all these years. And the big boys or the white ad agencies get the big contracts. So I suppose a black company getting a big contract is an "abomination".

I generally don't like every little issue to be made out into a race issue. RJ Dale didn't think this was personal, but I would wonder if the big boys just wanted to give RJ Dale hell. Perhaps not becuase it's a black owned company but because they may become an emerging player. It is possible, the entrenched players in a market may find a way to defeat a newcomer. Whatever the case who knows what is going on.

Here are some links to some articles and perhaps you can come to your own conclusions...

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