Saturday, December 08, 2012

VIDEO: "Star Trek into Darkness" teaser preview

[VIDEO] Just got wind of this today, it seems to wet the appetite at least until the movie is released next year. I am only more curious who the new villian is. My gut tells me it isn't Khan but it's possible that we may see another villain from Star Trek canon. Although judging by the trailer is got to be a character who really does have an axe to grind with Earth.

Also I've heard Gary Mitchell, he's the villain from the 2nd original Star Trek pilot "Where No Man Has Gone Before". In that episode the USS Enterprise under Capt. Kirk reaches the outer galactic barrier after finding a marker from a long lost starship and some of their crew including Mitchell recieved ESP powers. Mitchell begins to really feel the power and becomes a threat to the Enterprise crew.

Anyway, has seen the trailer even has bonus footage provided in a Japanese preview for the film. Also, a scene-by-scene analysis of this preview seen there as well.

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