Friday, December 07, 2012

Today is Pearl Harbor Day

I feel like I wrote about Doris "Dorie" Miller here years ago, but this feels like an appropriate way to remember Pearl Harbor day. He was the first Black to be awarded the Navy Cross and it was for his activities on that very day. Alas he didn't survive the second world war as he was presumed dead after a torpedo attack on the ship he served on USS Lipscombe Bay November 24, 1944.

Anyway the attack on Pearl Harbor took place on this day December 7, 1941 and helped to bring the USA into the second world war in both the Pacific and European theaters.'

Miller is seen on the right in a recruitment advertisement during the war. After being awarded the Navy Cross, he had been on a war bond tour and gave speeches in Oakland, CA, his hometown of Waco, TX, and even spoke to Black recruits at Great Lakes Naval Training Station in IL.

Today I honor the heroics of Mr. Doris Miller and all who died in the Japanese Attack on this day back in 1941.

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