Friday, June 01, 2007

I want to talk about the girl from Joliet...

Earlier this week it was in the news that a girl between the ages of 13 and 17 was found burned, head wrapped in a plastic bag, and she appeared to have been shot twice. There was a digital composite sketch of her released so that someone might be able to identify her. Not the prettiest picture in the world, but we at least found out who she was...

Haqikah "Kekah" Suggs, 14, of Joliet was last seen alive early last Saturday morning, police said in a statement. Her body was found early Monday by two horseback riders.

Police have said she likely was shot twice before her body was dumped in Pilcher Park and set on fire. She was found with a plastic bag tied around her head.

Haqikah's 19-year-old stepbrother, Ricardo Rivers, saw a digitally enhanced photograph of her on television Tuesday and called police to report her missing, officials said in the statement, which did not provide further details. Messages were left with the police officials Friday evening.

Police have said they believe the teen was killed elsewhere before being brought to an area of Pilcher Park that can't be accessed by vehicles.

She was positively identified using DNA analysis.

She was a seventh grader at Hufford Junior High School in Joliet, police said.

Her death remains under investigation.

I may have used information from the Tribune, but I had just seen her story on the WGN Evening News. I'm just curious as to find out what happened. Who would shoot this girl and then set fire to her? I heard that she had a plastic bag over her head so I wondered if she was even suffocated before burned. There are a lot of questions to be asked and I hope that someone out there knows what happened or who did this.

Here is the digital composite of the then unidentified girl.

And here's the pretty young lady herself Kekah.

Either way I hope this story bothers you and hopefully we will figure out who did this to her.


Anonymous said...

this is a terrible story. things are being kept secret here it looks like. i believe she was raped. thats why they focused on burning her lower parts. i also believe she was beat up. friend of the family, went with to identify the little girl and says, her had was almost cut all the way off, leading me to believe that who ever killed this little girl wanted to get rid of any evidence. how terribly sad.

Anonymous said...

i loved kekah.she waz my best friend. hufford isnt the best skool ya kno and he people she hung around with werent all that great.

Anonymous said...

i knew kekah and her sister i luv both of them who did this 2 her

Anonymous said...

i miss my kekah boo she was just like another sister i wonder who killed her all i could do is sit up n think of all the good time we shared man i miss her in loven memorys kekah baby i love you n i kno your watching over me

Anonymous said...

It's good to see you still keep her in your hearts. kekah is my sister and sure enough we will find out who did this to her. People have a lot of questions, so do we. she didnt deserve this, Kekah was a very sweet girl and I'm sure she was terified to....death.

Anonymous said...

i miss her so much i also know her sister jameelah u hang in there girl everythings gonna be alright.

Anonymous said...

yea kekah n jameelah is some what cuzins to me. we use to hang out a lot....n our mothers was tight. i miss you kekah...i know who ever did this to you will pay. but you good kekah..cuz u n a betta place. i love you kekah. In stay strong jameelah.

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