Tuesday, August 23, 2005

An interesting discovery and a blog

Originally posted on August 10, 2005. Please read the comments section. The blogmaster of Our Goofy House was gracious enough to respond to this post. I really have to figure out how they find me. Anyway, I really appreciate the update and response.

Well this blog has been inactive since April but this is highlighting the adventures of a couple who are having a house built on the far south side of Chicago. The neighborhood is Auburn Gresham. The neighborhood as a whole is mostly black. This new development, The Havens, has attracted this couple.

This may be one of the few inter-racial developments on the south side near me. Also the model houses are being built have been given names of HBCUs. A fact lost on the bloggers at Our Goofy House. I wish this blissful couple a lot of luck and hopefully this development will be a success.

Also it's unclear to me as to whether the developers are black or not. Though whoever is involved in giving this project's model homes their names may have a connection to HBCU's. Either way there is some new construction in my area.

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MC High Life said...

I'm the guy maintaining the Goofy House blog. Yes, I've been painfully neglegent of that thing. The simple reason that there hasn't been many updates is that there has been nothing happening with our house. The rest of the development is going bonkers but our home (and the homes of similar style) have been in limbo. A lot of this has to do with the developer terminating their relationship with the contractor in charge of those homes. The guy simply wasn't getting the job done. A new contractor is on board (as of a couple weeks ago) and things should be moving along. We're actually going down there next weekend to take a look, our first visit in a couple months. Thanks for checking out our blog and look for updates soon.

Oh and the fact that the homes are named after HBCUs is not lost on us. Well aware of the connection but I have to admit we had to look it up. ;)

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