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Friday, December 02, 2022

Clearing the field for Joe Biden's re-election bid


[VIDEO] I hope everyone has had a very joyous holiday - a week ago. Been just about a week since I last posted on this blog.

Anyway from this YouTube channel Let's Talk Elections we hear about the possibility that President Biden will run for re-election in 2024. Bear in mind that former President Trump has announced his bid for 2024. Now I don't take seriously the possibility that the 80-year-old Joe Biden running again or even being successful in his bid.

Of course, consider that in recent decades it's rare that a President stands down after only one term. President Lyndon Johnson got one term in his own right and decided to stand down, and remember Johnson became POTUS after the death of President John F. Kennedy. Beyond that incumbent presidents generally run for a second term.

With that said, Gavin Newsom according to this video who's doing such a bang up job as Governor of California had opted out of running for POTUS in 2024 standing behind Joe Biden. 

In presidential politics, President Jimmy Carter was said to have been significantly weakened in his re-election bid after Sen. Ted Kennedy - younger brother President JFK - ran against him in the primaries of 1980s. Of course Carter owing to economic and the issue of the hostages in Iran lost his re-election bid to the Republican Ronald Reagan.

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