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Monday, November 14, 2022

Ben Shapiro: This is what Republicans can learn from Ron DeSantis


[VIDEO] As we should've learned from this election around the nation, anyone can be better than this joker is not a winning strategy. The populace may not be happy with say President Biden, however, that doesn't motive them to vote for anybody against Biden aka Let's go Brandon.

DeSantis as Governor of the free state of Florida is a strong leader and the red wave his Florida this past Tuesday. Oh another quick note they didn't have issues counting votes as was the case in other states such as Nevada - who's Governors and US Senate races were called days after election day - and Arizona where votes are still being counted for Governor.

Still there is only one Ron DeSantis, however, perhaps even if blue states had their own version of DeSantis. At least one who is very principled and can govern where would many of these states be. Who could be Illinois' DeSantis for example? And what about states like California or New York?

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