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Friday, August 12, 2022

O'Reilly: The pitiful AG's DISMAL performance


[VIDEO] The Attorney General of the U.S. made a statement with regards to the raid on Trump's Florida property earlier this week. A sealed warrant, an affidavit, and no real indication as far as why they are doing this and what exactly are they looking for. All most of us may know is that former President Trump took some documents that allegedly he wasn't supposed to.

I've also heard that his people got a heads up about this search warrant. So he knew the FBI were coming. We also know that whatever was being looked at by federal authorities that Trump was actually cooperating. It could be said there was no need for this raid, for this show of force by federal authorities.

So the comments by Merrick Garland - Joe Biden's Attorney General - were not useful as nothing was said. And O'Reilly characterized Garlan's comments as being someone who was "scared" just not in charge by any means. 

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