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Monday, December 06, 2021

ABL: Trevor Noah goes OFF SCRIPT about the O variant


[VIDEO] I'm sorry to say (or am I really) that I hardly ever watched The Daily Show on Comedy Central. Other content other than cable TV has my attention these days and lately one of those piece of content for this post is by Anthony Brian Logan.

The Daily Show is seemingly a must watch for those who are left of center in America and Trevor Noah is the immediate successor to John Stewart who hosted the show for most of it's hay-day until he retired as host.

So according to ABL, Noah has largely toed the party line until the O variant reared it's ugly head. More transmissible but not more lethal and our gov'ts around America is getting ready for more mandates certainly masks and vax, in addition to those dreadful shelter in place orders. This is going to be bad folks and this isn't even about this latest scary coronavirus variant.

Well let's hope not, however, what is Noah talking about. Well he's talking about the restrictions being placed by the Brandon....oh sorry I mean the Biden Administration on travel between the nations of southern Africa. He may well have an issue with this and even he finally recognizes that the latest news over this new scary variant is just more ways to freak out the public needlessly

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