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Thursday, October 14, 2021

If we survived Carter, we can survive Biden


[VIDEO] This aired on the Ingraham Angle earlier this week.

Jimmy Carter is an all around good guy who accomplished becoming President of the United States. Sadly his administration was beset with a great number of issues mainly economic and definitely on the world stage with what happened in Iran. And in this monologue by Laura Ingraham President Carter is being compared to our current President Joe Biden.

To which I say it's hard other than how their administrations are going to really compared both men as far as their general personalities. Carter is said to be our greatest ex-president on the other hand when Biden is out in 2025 could we say the same for him. Would he do the same activities that Carter had since he left office 40 years ago.

Meanwhile, we have to sit through commentaries like this and watching what's going on in front of us to see how rough this new administration has been.

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