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Sunday, May 16, 2021

Spirited Man: We Are In A "FOURTH TURNING," What Does That Mean?


[VIDEO] Van Neistat is the brother of one Casey Neistat. Before I ever discovered Casey, there was a documentary show called The Neistat Brothers which aired for one season on HBO. Basically they were doing YouTube videos on premium cable long before Casey made a name for himself on YouTube. Casey and Van are longtime filmmakers and both have taken the YouTube plunge.

Van is a more recent phenomenon and I should've shared this video with you when it was first posted. Van was talking about this book which is called The Fourth Turning. Basically it asserts that what we're experience or have experienced occurs in 80 year cycles. We go through calm periods and then suddenly we're in periods of conflict. And it seems we're in a period of conflict right now.

I really like the idea of Gen X being the nomad generation of fixers. The other descriptions of younger generations as artists or heroes could also be apt for those generations. Time will tell if they will live up to that, right now we need the fixers and of course as time goes on the hero and artist generation will hopefully leave a more peaceful society.

Regardless I need to do more of what Van - The Spirited Man - does which is read. This book seems up my alley for sure. 


BTW, I haven't posted a lot because life happens. Often when I go to my job I carry a laptop for my own personal use and unfortunately it's been acting up on me. Goal is to get it fixed and get back onto my irregular schedule for this blog.

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