Thursday, December 13, 2018

This is a tough clip to watch, the relationship between two Black men

[VIDEO] The clip you see here is tough to watch. I'm not a fan of Judge Greg Mathis, actually because during the past 20 years these judge shows have proliferated I've just lost interest in them. It's not just about the law - and bear in mind these aren't real courts these shows are technically arbitration based - it's about the drama of each case.

Perhaps I have a rose-colored view of what these shows were vs. the realization that TV production is a business and these shows have to have a selling point. This episode would've had me with this clip, sometimes you want to see someone get admonished for showing their true character

We see a kid arguing with his uncle. The kid tells his story of leaving Oakland, California and avoiding the street gangs. We learn that he has no parents and goes to St. Louis, Missouri to get on his feet. Unfortunately he had a tough uncle who didn't know how to let up.

Yeah it's clear I'm taking a side here. There was an article that gave an update on this young man and it seems he's doing OK getting his education, became a youth pastor. Who knows what his family relationships are with this said uncle.

And also Mathis had a tough life and turned his life around to become a legit judge and he himself has one of these judge shows. So Greg Mathis could relate to this young man.

Well anyway I hope you get something from this clip. And I want you to know it's tough when two Black males one young and the other older just can't get along. Not to continue this narrative but a strong male influence in your corner does wonders. Of course what doesn't help is the wrong approach as we see with this uncle.

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