Monday, December 17, 2018

Mark Dice: Guess what they're upset about now

[VIDEO] Mark Dice portrays the absurdity of feminists complaining about today's toys for children. And it illustrates one main thing to me, why not let kids be kids. I think today's adults and perhaps in some cases parents are subjecting their kids to some very unfortunate social engineering.

Why not let boys be into what we could call boys toys. And why not let me girls be into what we could call girls toys.

I go back to my childhood I was into Lego, toy cars (remember Micro Machines), buses, or even model trains. I also had some sports toys such as a Fisher-Price toy golf set which once I discovered hockey quickly became hockey sticks.

Either way instead of complaining about what toys are marketed towards, let the kids decide what they want to play with. Why feel the need to engineer what the kids into to fit an agenda that gender is a social construct? Could it be fear that the children will prove the adults wrong that perhaps gender isn't a social construct?

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