Wednesday, August 01, 2018

Stossel: The end of tipping?

[VIDEO] I've had people recommend I become a bartender and you know what I say. Usually I would decline and have no inclination to take on such a role anywhere. Perhaps the personality and the customer service is there, but otherwise don't want it. There are other things - say like blogging - that I could do and hopefully become as lucrative.

Today, I share with you John Stossel's vid on the "end of tipping". Around the country including the windy city it has become "chic" to raise the minimum wage. Often what's said is that workers can't live off the minimum wage. There are articles that said if you live on minimum wage you can't even adequately pay your rent anywhere in the USA.

On the one hand I get it, I've worked minimum wage - especially after college. When you think about it, you're not supposed to live off of minimum wage. It's just income you earn to get you started and it's certainly expected that you'll grow beyond that type of job. Learn the ropes of the work world and then move on, at least ideally.

I know why people pursue working at a bar or restaurant (to be a bartender or server for example) you might get paid a minimum wage however you also get tips. I think you get a smaller minimum wage if you have a job where your income are tips. As you see with the woman in the video who is a server, she fills the gap in her wages real quick with tips.

Then it makes me wonder how clueless those who just want to change the minimum wage or any pay for workers about business. Not that I'm so adroit in the ways of business, however, the workers find a way to make ends meet without any progressive promises to even the wage-earning playing field.

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