Thursday, August 02, 2018

Capitol Fax: Remembering #hotdoggate

I wasn't paying attention to this four years ago. A Rauner staffer - back before he became governor of Illinois - wanted ketchup (catsup) on their hot dog. The staffer in question later started working for President Donald Trump and almost four years ago wrote this memorable tweet that Rich Miller remembered back when.
I didn't know this until recently and Miller explains. In general with hot dogs it's not at all expected to eat hogs dogs with catsup. Since I don't know about this local culinary peculiarity, it's possible that I would've made that same gaffe also.

In general though I don't even use catsup for Polish sausages (I generally don't eat hot dogs). I have little issue eating sausages with relish or mustard or both. Of course why does putting catsup on a hot dog have to create drama?

I like to eat a Maxwell Street Polish sausage smelling the strong scent of grilled onions with such a dish should create social media drama. Imagine if any politician in Illinois or Chicago did that and had the breath to prove it! 

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