Friday, August 03, 2018

Another mini-railroad video

[VIDEO] So Jim Zimmerlin visits another mini-railroad this time in Oregon called Train Mountain. Here's his description:
The Guinness world record for the longest miniature railroad is an amazing 2200 acre property in southern Oregon known as Train Mountain. I met up with Tom Watson for a tour of the railway, first from a golf cart, and later from his own gas-powered train. In a two-hour train ride, we only managed to travel on a portion of the layout!

I also got a look at G-Ville, the four acre section of Train Mountain dedicated to G-scale garden trains... and I'm seriously thinking about bringing some of my G scale model trains up to G-Ville to run on their layout.
And check out the metal work shops. If they make these trains from scratch they have a lot more talent than I do. Wouldn't mind taking up that hobby.

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