Monday, July 23, 2018

Prager U: Was the Civil War About Slavery?

[VIDEO] Almost 3 years ago Col. Ty Seidule - professor of history at West Point - does a video for Prager U about whether or not the Civil War was over the slavery question. He argues that it was, and I know many who would disagree with that. Though I could agree that slavery was one of many reasons that we had a war between the states.

Worst still the Union victory might have legally ended slavery in the reunited United States of America. Problem is we're still dealing with a variety of racial issues that still remained unresolved at the end of the war. We still had the Jim Crow period which basically ended with the civil rights activism of the 1950s and 1960s. And race is still a dicey subject today in the 21st century.

Even worse it seems a form of  "reverse racism" is on the rise. It's seems backwards we had been fighting singling out a race of people for inferiority. Now the trend is singling out a race of people for their so-called privilege. Case in point "Failed Democrat Candidate Saira Rao Has ‘Given Up on White People’"


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