Tuesday, June 19, 2018

How to get the media to ignore a shooting...

“Did you hear about the mass shooting in New Jersey?” asked Victory Girl Amanda Green while I visited her this weekend.

“Shooting?” I hadn’t. There was no news alert on my phone, which I check religiously for updates about what’s going on in the world, so I started searching.

One suspect was killed, and 22 people were injured in a mass shooting at an arts festival in New Jersey yesterday.

Big news outlets did cover it. As of this morning, I’ve seen stories on CNN, BBC, Fox, LA Times, Washington Post, and the New York Times. But what I haven’t seen is any of the usual outrage that accompanies a shooting of this magnitude. There was no David Hogg screeching about stricter gun laws. There were no social media posts virtue signaling their outrage about the mass shooting. My usually well-informed leftist friends remained silent about the violence in Trenton, and there were no heartfelt “thoughts and prayers” from the right.

As of this morning, there’s no trending hashtag on Twitter either, even though a 13-year-old child was injured by the gunfire.
Well a little bit about this incident and the coverage it recieved so what about the media ignoring this?
This shooting – like many other gang-related acts of violence – involved minorities, involved gangs, and supports assessments that show gang members to be responsible for roughly half of the gun-related crimes in metropolitan areas.

For some reason, gun grabbers don’t like that narrative. It’s much easier to just pass laws that have no hope of quelling violence than to acknowledge that there is a serious problem with gangs, that gangs – like other criminal elements – will not abide by the laws, and that said criminals tend to be part of the minority groups that liberals studiously protect from criticism.
The Hogglets aren’t staging “die ins” in New Jersey, demanding “universal background checks,” a ban on high-capacity magazines, or “assault” weapons, because New Jersey already has them, and they have no hope of preventing gang violence.
This shooting doesn’t support the narrative, so it will be summarily ignored by the gun-grabbing maggots on all sides of the political aisle. They will just wait for the next white Trump supporter to lose his shit, and then blame Trump for the carnage and the failure to disarm us all.
Hmmmmm, so these gun controllers are selective about who they oppose. They're not even thinking about for example violence in the city neighborhoods of Chicago for example.

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