Thursday, February 15, 2018

Tragedies and media coverage

You know on Wednesday night I just had to shut off the news and found other things worth watching on TV. I saw Apollo 13 on History, then watched an hour of American Pickers on History, then basically did some further channel surfing watching a little bit of Buzzr and portions of the 2018 winter olympics in Korea.

The news on Wednesday got depressing it was up and down my FB feeds that there was an active shooter at a Florida high school. Typically during prime time on FOX News Channel I would be watching Tucker Carlson Tonight or Hannity. Because of this breaking news story guess what they covered tonight, this latest tragedy where I'm sure they talked to anyone who was in anyway connected to that tragedy. Obviously someone willing to target people who have little to do with their inner turmoil has problems that's established.

Also it seems crap like this has been going on often lately. I don't want to call it a trend, and if it is this trend needs to end. Unfortunately the answer to such tragedies are gun control and clearly if you're determined to shoot people gun control isn't going to stop you. One will find a way to get a gun if it's not a gun there are other weapons. So either way I needed to shut this off tonight.

Another tragic incident happened in Chicago on Tuesday afternoon, it involved a relatively high ranking Chicago police officer who was shot helping a tactical team check out a suspect. He was a district commander and this was really his day off and he tried to help his fellow Chicago Police Officers and got killed.

I strolled around downtown and saw the collection of traffic on Randolph Street which was closed beyond Wabash. The actual shooting took place near the Thompson Center aka the State of Illinois building. The person who shot him was someone up to no good who had a gun on him to shoot a police officer.

The point of this, is to say sometimes it's OK to just turn of the news. I'm truly sorry for the loss anyone has suffered in these tragedies Tuesday & Wednesday. Me personally perhaps we need reminders that the world remains a dangerous place however let's not allow this fact to consume us.

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