Tuesday, August 08, 2017

It's time for "The Trump Effect"

[VIDEO] The Trump Effect : Deprogramming the American Mind is something I had put on the back burner since late last month posting it at "The Moleskine". Basically it's an hour of author/filmmaker Lawrence Jarvik (@LaurenceJarvik) talking about President Trump and how he's going to crack through the political correctness prevalent in this nation.

What I responded to most was the President's background. Trump is already independently wealthy, he comes from a construction business background, he also largely comes from a wealthy family and doesn't have to worry about where he's going to live because he's mostly lived in Trump properties. Jarvik sees these as positives in deprogramming the American mind. He was able to live his life individualistically without being restrained by having to please bosses.

Everything else, I had trouble grasping and it's possible that I need to be deprogrammed. Jarvik cites 9/11 as the start of this PC culture or at least it got far more intense, but as illustrated as you go through this vid political correctness has been around for years. Even worse it was probably found in other totalitarian regimes whether the Nazis or certainly in Communist regimes.

Another idea of note, Trump approaches issues and policies - not from an ideological approach - he approaches them from a realistic approach. That makes sense he is in real estate and you have to solve real problems of construction or maintenance so thus you realistically can solve the problem of structure or perhaps an hvac unit.

Perhaps in American politics the realistic approach is what is missing. With this in mind although I never voted for Trump last November, I can appreciate his unorthodox approach to the Presidency. Yeah he's certainly had plenty of rough bumps since taking office in January, however, some aspects of getting through the noise of the mainstream media (well "fake news") I certainly understand why he takes to twitter to send out his messages.

Great video, perhaps some of you will take something from this. BTW, Trump could be the inspiration for many in a variety of ways, perhaps many of us can start our own business empires and get wealthy, perhaps we can be more outspoken on some issues that we care about, perhaps we can seek out more of the truth on our own, or conversely discredit those who often tell lies. One thing we want to be careful about is that so far Trump can be Trump.

Trump can weather these attacks as far as his business dealings or even any allegations of sexual assault towards women. So far it doesn't matter, however, not all of us are made of kevlar or teflon. Bottom line if you do your own thing expect people to want to attack you because it's not what they would do!

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