Thursday, March 23, 2017

Why does this guy stay in New Jersey?

[VIDEO] I decided to look up the various aspects of the Free State Project which is largely based in New Hampshire. The video you see above courtesy of is one of those many elements of the "free staters" who have taken up residence in the "live free or die" state.

FSP basically seeks a political migration to a state such as New Hampshire to create this libertarian society. It's been a number of years since I followed the New Hampshire free staters with their many videos to share their attempts at creating a libertarian society.

One thing I wanted to address here is the comments at the start of this video with Patrick McKnight who did a road trip from New Jersey to visit with his fellow Libertarians in New Hampshire. He's the northeastern representative for the Libertarian National Committee and he pays a visit to the Libertarian Party of New Hampshire to give a quick speech.

Now it was noted at the speech how the mc who introduced McKnight chided him that he should stay up there instead of going back to New Jersey and then McKnight himself finds himself wondering why he stays. He even notes how people leave New Jersey in droves due to big government and taxes.

Certain this matches with some of the reasons why many have left Chicago and Illinois over the years. There isn't much opportunity here, the taxes are going up, and perhaps still there's no desire to limit the expansion of government.

I'm sure there are no shortage of people who at least in Chicago wishes that there was no bag tax - which is to encourage consumers to purchase and bring their own bags to grocery shop. Illinois hasn't created a budget in two years as the powerful politicians of this state haven't been able to come to an agreement on some reforms.

My point in this is that does why have to leave a state to create this ideal society? Perhaps New Jersey is where McKnight for now needs to be. Perhaps Chicago, Illinois is where I need to be for now although I'm not as active as McKnight.

Point is perhaps no matter how dire the situation a state might be whether New Jersey, Illinois or I can throw out there California there is certainly a need for someone out there to call for all the necessary changes. In 2014, Illinois elected for a change in the governor's mansion. A necessary change, but this state hasn't seen much for it unfortunately.

In saying this, I can only wish that this state could get an influx of people who advocate for this idea Libertarian society. Perhaps ask for some substantial changes that one can only hope will benefit this state or better yet benefit Chicago. Do this hopefully before some unfortunate harm to a formerly great state.

In the meanwhile, people will do what you expect when they're not happy with where they are - vote with their feet & leave.

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