Sunday, February 05, 2017

Before you watch today's Super Bowl

[VIDEO] This is one of the few times you may see something other than WWF wrestling here on this blog. This is out of New Japan Pro Wrestling a long match between Kazuchika Okada and Kenny Omega. Here you see moves you haven't seen in either WWF or TNA in years.

It has moments of fast paced action and slow moments, but it keeps you interested. It seems once the match gets going it's very theatrical. You hear them move around the ring, you hear every blow or kick, you hear them land on the mat in the ring, and of course the great charm of pro-wrestling you get the audience invested in the action.

I've considered myself a long time fan of WWF (or I mean WWE) there are some aspects of them that I do like. It's truly a show and besides they do refer to themselves as "sports entertainment". Sometimes what's seen here with Okada and Omega is missing with WWF these days.

BTW, the last post about the Super Bowl and this one are the mental [health] break that I had referred to in a recent tweet. I'll go back to politics soon unfortunately the state of American politics so far just means sometimes there needs to be other subjects beyond politics. Not that I've never explored other subjects on this blog.

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