Monday, February 06, 2017

Sometimes I should cover other subjects

There had been a lot of news in the past week that gets me down. To start Chicago lost the nation's largest Black-owned bank with Seaway Bank. The name remains but now it's under Indian-American ownership as of late last month. What a crappy way to start off Black history month, but that's business for you.

At my other blog, I've been all over this development. In fact so far since Trump was inaugurated last month the posts have largely traded between Trump stories - especially his responses to news about Chicago gun violence - and any news or opinion about Seaway Bank.

This is what I tweeted over the weekend that if blogged again I need a mental [health] break. Time to find other things to post about. There are other interests to discuss here on this blog and on the other blogs I operate.

The communites I hoped to cover at has many things to be proud of, especially in the Chatham neighborhood with a strong history of the Black middle class and great architecture. Also a history of entrepreneurship as that was how Seaway was created.

Perhaps here I should find an excuse to take random pictures. Don't know what though I certainly like to take random pics with my iPhone and the olloclip lens.

There's lots of not very good news right now. The nation almost seems like it's tearing itself apart especially with last year's election. Now is the time we can at least take a look at other subjects of great interest and not just political.

This is why I did a post promoting McMansion Hell or the Super Bowl - which the New England Patriots won last night - or even a wrestling match that took place in Japan that could blow out of the water anything you can find in North America. Perhaps I need to take a time out every now and then to explore the best there is out there in the world.

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