Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Kurt Angle is in the WWE Hall of Fame

[VIDEO] This is a clear sign Kurt Angle is returning to the WWE universe where he belongs since about 2006 he had been with the competing Total Nonstop Action Wrestling until his contract was up with them sometime in 2016.

What distiguishes Angle is that he is an Olympic gold medalist which is something he certainly played up during his time in WWE. In another era he'd have been the perfect baby face. But somehow they turned some of his baby face attributed into a very heel persona. As an Olympic hero/gold medalist he was not liked by the WWE universe however he still was able to put on a good match and had a legit amateur wrestling background as he was an Olympic wrestler and that was what he got in gold medal in.

I look forward to his eventual return even if he doesn't wrestle full-time again. He deserves one more run in WWE.

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