Friday, January 20, 2017

Friday is Inauguration Day for Donald Trump

Like it or not we're going to see a lot more of him after 12 Noon on Friday which is when Donald Trump loses the -elect portion of his new title and takes the oath. Trump becomes President of the United States, President...

This is the final act of an interesting election season which saw some mudslinging, namecalling, controversy, federal investigations, etc. And as all those happen it seemed that moment was clearly on Trump's side and there was nothing that was going to change that. Not even a very vulgar hot-mike locker room conversation...

Without a doubt Trump is often portrayed as very divisive. He made an impression among the American people during last year's election. He was without a doubt very outspoken, and when you think about it he always has been. He hasn't always been soft-spoken even as a mere celebrity.

So as of tomorrow he takes on the reigns of our nation. The new chief executive of the USA and while I didn't support him with my vote last year he deserves a chance to succeed or fail. I know there are those that don't want him to even have the opportunity to fail but he will have one.

And unlike those many house Democrats which includes civil rights icon John Lewis who choose not to attend the inauguration on Friday, I hope to be in front of the TV tomorrow. Watch the festivities take place before reporting to work on Friday.

While you're at it check out What happened when the transition between the Bush and Obama administrations took place suddenly the website for the President of the United State simply switched gears quickly.

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