Monday, November 14, 2016

So President Clinton tried to tell his wife's campaign...

It's been almost 16 years since Bill Clinton left office and despite his many flaws as a man or as President I know this of him. He was a gifted person at connecting with people, I couldn't say the same for his wife who became a US Senator or a Secretary of State. She may have been a true believe in leftist policies however she didn't have the same gift at connecting with people.

The President may have been successful in triangulation. He may have signed some Republican legislation into law, but it insured his continued political success. It may well have insured the future political success of the Democrats even if many were unhappy about it.

Too bad that his wife Hillary Clinton and her staff didn't believe him when he said target the white working class. If she wasn't going to win them over, start chipping away at the Donald's margins. The former President may have seen this coming and no one listened to him and those who supported Mrs. Clinton got the shock of their lives.

It's often been said that the many groups that turned out for outgoing President Barack Obama didn't turn out for Mrs. Clinton. Apparently the love many have felt in the past for Obama didn't extend to Clinton. If white working class people turned out in higher numbers then Blacks & Latinos at least didn't turn out for Mrs. Clinton.

For the record, I really didn't pay any attention to the polls. My guess on election day was as good as anyone else's. It seems many expected a President-elect Clinton, but were dismayed by a President-elect Donald Trump. Beyond that whoever won I figured that no one was likely to be happy with the outcome as both cadndiates were unpopular coming into last week's election.

BTW, let me leave you here with something funny. This past Saturday Dave Chappelle hosted SNL and with Chris Rock were involved in a sketch that satirized the dismay Clinton supporters had on election night once it went the direction it did.

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