Thursday, July 28, 2016

Spelman alum gives up her corporate job for the cannabis industry

BTW, I really hate this headline for this article just so you know. She gives up "coke" for cannabis almost makes it sound like she's giving up on drug for another. Reality is she's giving up her job at Coca-Cola to enter into the emerging and growing marihuana industry.

It's an intersting look at a "minority" entering an emerging business that no one really understands. Also this business involves a drug like marihuana that is increasingly accepted even if many still shun it. Consider that most banks still won't accept funds from such a business because of any connection with any illegal narcotics.

In Illinois there is a law that allows for medicinal marihuana. In fact this morning on the CapFax there was an article about a court ruling on whether or not a state agency can unilaterally deny a certain condition can be prescribed medicinal marihuana.

Another question answered in the above article is the perception about Blacks and drugs. Even if increasingly marihuana is starting to find acceptance and ultimately decriminalized.

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