Thursday, May 05, 2016

Kasich is out...

And you know what that means....looks like Trump may become the GOP nominee for President. He's on course to winning the necessary number of delegates in the remaining primaries left.

At the same time, I liked John Kasich more than Trump or Cruz. Kasich is a former Congressman and the sitting Governor of Ohio. He was the last man standing in this race and that's saying something. Sadly he never really gained enough traction in this race and had to say goodbye.

Next question about the Republican race, will there still be talk of a brokered convention this year. Could Republican Party delegates decided to make their own choice if unhappy with Donald Trump.

I have to admit this has been an odd election. I heard that Republicans were angry this year - perhaps more accurately conservatives. There were more conservative alternatives in this race and the least conservative gained the most traction. What gives this year?

BTW, as far as hearing conservatives are angry does watching "Hannity" count?

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