Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Forget Harvard...

Should a school like Morehouse or Spelman be free? Of course those aren't the only examples of HBCUs that should be free given that many graduate prominent Black graduates over the years. It's a great idea whose time has come.

I think about it because over at Instapundit I see a quick blurb about whether or not Harvard University should offer free tuition thanks to the fact that they do so well as far as endowment. I heard a classmate at Morehouse note that when you attend school at any Ivy League university the expectation is that you give back once you graduate.

Well I don't know if that's true or not, but if colleges such as Morehouse or Spelman has as much cash as Harvard does then the best students who otherwise can't afford to attend would have one less pressure to worry about. I had the pressure of paying tuition only to now worry about paying back students loans. Still just go to school do well and then graudate. I think that's what we should ask of our students but only of course if the school itself can provide it through primarily private funds.

Of course I realize that for the most part HBCUs likely can't afford to do what Harvard does. The reason being many of those schools hadn't existed before the birth of the United States of America. This are probably several centuries of endowment income and of course the willingness of alum and supporters to donate.

What if HBCUs have the successful networks of alum and supporters to donate money to these school just to make it easier finacially for those students - especially low to middle income students and academically talented - to just study and succeed in school?

To be honest this I can support. Why not just allow those students who have need and have the drive or ambition to go to a school on par with an Ivy League university to be able to attend practically for free? Only thing is they need to be on point before they start class and while they attempt to graduate in four years or so. What do you think?

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