Monday, August 31, 2015

Hulk Hogan

It was in the news in July that Hulk Hogan the wrestling superstar had been recorded using racial slurs. Hogan had been employed by the WWF in recent years however they cut ties to the legend they helped create after this recording had been revealed.

This morning Hogan was interviewed on ABC's Good Morning America pleading for forgiveness. Admitting not only that in his youth the n-word was thrown around like it was nothing, he also noted that this came during a time of great weakness. That is a very low point in his life.

While I don't consider myself a Hogan fan now - although I once was at one point - it's a good thing that now he's attempting to put out his side of the story. He claims to not be a racist and even his daughter has come to his defense. BTW, Hogan directed his comments to a boyfriend of his daughter.

I hate that the WWF (or actually WWE) has effectively removed any reference to Hogan in their history or even their Hall of Fame. That's a shame, although I understand why they did it here's hoping that they can get together in the future and Hogan can take his rightful place as a legend in the WWE universe.

BTW, I still refer to the WWE as the WWF which is the initials I have known from my youth. However the WWF universe doesn't quite have the same right as the WWE universe...or does it???

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