Friday, August 28, 2015

Personal tech purcahases

Millenium Park, Chicago, IL
It was the question of the day Wednesday at Capitol Fax, and my answer at the end of the night was these lenses I bought for my phone. More specifically olloclip 4 in 1 lens for the iPhone 6. I've been using since purchasing them and they have worked nothing but wonders for me.

Even snapped some shots to my own ig and the ig for The Sixth Ward. What you see above is a shot of a sculpture taken in Millenium Park through a fisheye lens. I only wish I took several shots with the wide-eye lens and then one without any lenses at all.

More recently, I bought a case for the phone that will allow me to fit the lens onto the phone. It's something I hope to carry with me for the foreseeable future until I find a different case that can accommodate the lens.

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